Anger management

What make us different is not the level of education.

It is how we control ourselves when we face something which is out of our control, from other parties.

Such as lies, anger, sad or accusation.

I have to admit that i am a tempered person.

I lost my temper to my parents, siblings, friends and partner.

But everyone will notice that i never change my language.

I definitely believe that i should speak out to express my feeling and in a beautiful language as possible.

Speak out doesn’t mean shout.

Speak out doesn’t mean you need to change from “saya” to aku

speak out doesn’t mean you have to use all the curse and dirty words.


Expressing the anger is nothing wrong, people will understand you.


Expressing the anger in a very rough words, people will lost respect on you.

Respect will be gain by seniority or by a good manners of ourselves.

Don’t lose it because once you lost it, you will definitely hard to get back.

Be good

Be calm.

Allah knows.


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